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you can’t get more frank than FRANK.

FRANK is unapologetically arrogant, opinionated and obvious.  Influenced by the current political climate, popular culture and the environment, FRANK channels relentless energy into a growing body of work that is deliberate and honest, balancing the in-your-face-narratives with graphic swag.

With a heady blend of print collage, mixed media, aerosol and acrylic FRANK reappropriates the repetitive vibe of commercial printmaking to explore themes of environmental injustices, politics and pop culture iconography.

FRANK is inspired by elements of propaganda art, various street art applications and artists such as Shepherd Fairy, D*Face, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns and local boys Ian Strange and Amok Island among others.

This subversive, at times cheeky, artist has a preoccupation with the tension between the individual creative process and machinal production techniques (even branding) that is betrayed by an egalitarian approach to work; “Art should be accessible and affordable, everyone deserves a little art in their lives. I invite people to share experiences and trade my art for a coffee, a conversation, or a poem…” 


Follow FRANK on Instagram for updates @Nice1Frank 

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